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Wayne County Sportsman's Club


Trap  - Two  Trap Fields Available - Open to Members and Non Members
 You must have your own shotgun, we do not rent or lend guns!

Shotgun shells must be 7 1/2 shot size or smaller (the larger the number, the smaller the shot).
Lead shot only!  No Steel Shot, No 3-inch Magnum Shells/Loads.  Any Target Load is acceptable.

Rates and Fees (per 25 Birds):
Sorry, we can no longer accept credit cards

Non Members $7.00
Members $4.00
Junior Member $3.00

Friendship League
October-March.  Join the league and shoot skeet and/or trap whenever you want and your score will be added to your team.

Handicapped League
October-March.  Join the league and shoot from the 22 yard line.  An individual event.

    Friendship & Handicap sign-up form, click HERE.


ATA Shoots
  ATA Stoner/Catron Memorial Shoot - Saturday April 25th 2021
        Click HERE for flyer and event information


 2021 ATA Shoot dates

  WCSC ATA Stoner/Catron Memorial Shoot - Sunday, April 25 th 2021

  WCSC Fall Open ATA Shoot - Saturday October 9th 2021


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